Monday, June 8, 2015

1-2-3-4 Movement in the key of Eb

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Today we will look at a very popular movement within the Gospel genre. The movement goes from 1-2-3-4. This movement you can hear on one of Juanita Bynam's songs-hearts desire. It's a very simple movement, but sounds really sweet when you accompany a singer.

So let's look at the movement!

The movement is in the key of Eb, so here's the number system and the scale:


The first chord of the movement is on the 1 chord: This is how it looks:

You have to rotate between the D and C in both hands to create a melody. On the right hand you can play a grace note on C before you play the D. (Please refer to the video lesson at the end of this article for illustration purposes)

Next you move to the 2 chord which is on the Fmin. This is how it looks:

You will have to make use of the same rotation like above, but this time you rotate between Eb-D, and you play a grace note on D before you play Eb. 

Then there's the 3 chord on the Gmin, which looks like this:

Rotate between F and Eb again and then on to the last chord which is on the 4; Ab major, which looks like this:

Concerning the 4 chord, you don't always have to play this after the first three movements, but I just thought I'll throw it in as a bonus! On the 4 chord, you rotate between G-E-G-F and play a grace note F before you start with the melody.

OK that is the basic movement!

You can also play a passing on the 1 chord before you play the 4 chord, like this:

After you've played the passing chord on 1, you have the option of either going to the 4 chord as explained previously, or you could play this alternative chord:

The alternative chord is usually determined based on the melody note within in the song. If the melody note falls on G, I would recommend this chord, but if your melody note falls on the C, then you can play the previously explained chord. If you are unfamiliar with playing chords based on melody notes, I will do an article just on that soon, so don't panic.

I usually tend to add the video lesson as part of illustration, so here it is:

That's it for this lesson! I hope you've learned something new, and if you like this lesson, feel free to comment in the section below, like or share it. Also subscribe to my newsletter at the top right hand side and my Youtube channel for more of these upcoming lessons!

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