Monday, May 25, 2015

1-4-5 Progression

Today's lesson will show the 1-4-5 progression making use of both hand chords. This is building on my previous lesson.

1-4-5 progression in the key of Db:

This progression can be used in a song as is or the chords are individually helpful too. So let's look at the 3 chords!

As a beginner you can make use of the following notes:

1 Chord
Left hand (LH): C-C
Right hand (RH): Db-F-Ab/F-Ab-Db/Ab-Db-F
(You can alternate between any of these chords in your right hand. Also note that these chords can be used if you dont have a bass player.)

4 Chord
LH: Gb-Gb
RH: Gb-Bb-Db/Bb-Db-Gb/Db-Gb-Bb

5 Chord
LH: Ab-Ab
RH: Ab-C-Eb/C-Eb-Ab/Eb-Ab-C

Ok that is pretty easy, right?

Now for those who do have a bass player and you play in a band, you have the oppurtunity of playing chords with both hands. Here is how that looks:

1 Chord
LH: F-Ab-Bb-C-Eb
RH: Ab-C-Eb

4 Chord
LH: Gb-Bb-Db-F
RH: Ab-Db-F

5 Chord (You can play two chords over the 5)
LH: Gb-Bb-Db-F
RH: Ab-Db-F

LH: Fb-C-F
RH: Ab-C-Eb

That's it!

Another thing that you can do is add two passing chords before you go to the 4. Here is the first chord:

LH: Gb-Bb-B-Eb
RH: Gb-B-Eb-Gb

LH: F-B-Eb
RH: F-Bb-D-F

These two chords must both be played while you are on the 1 chord, but you can change it from the 1 and go from 5-1-4. The first chord you can play on the 5 and the second chord you play on the 1. 

Here is a video lesson on the whole idea:

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God bless!

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