Monday, July 13, 2015

Major triads with inversions in all 12 keys

Hi everyone!

Today I want us to look at something for the beginners. This lesson was inspired due to many people I personally know, who struggles with playing basic triads in all 12 keys as they start out.

It is VERY important that you practice these chords, for as you grow, you will realize that chords are being used across keys, e.g. If you were to practice a 1-4-5 in Eb, you will play Eb-major to Ab-major to Bb-major. If you were to play that same progression in the key of Bb, you will use Bb as 1 and Eb as 4. So as you can see, you will use these chords over and over in different keys. So please make sure that know them without thinking!

Here's a video showing how to play all 36 chords:

Now lets look at the chords in these pictures starting from C moving all the way to B major.

C Major:

C# or Db Major:

D Major:

D# or Eb Major:

E Major

F Major:

F# or Gb Major:

G Major:

G# or Ab Major:

A Major:

A# or Bb Major:

B Major:

There you go!! All 36 major chords for all 12 keys. These are critical to master as you will constantly build on this foundation.

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All the best!

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